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What is the Class Structure like?

Classes run one hour and include some pre-movement prep (performed while we say our names and answer an icebreaker question), a warmup, skill or strength specific work, conditioning work (referred to as the WOD- Workout of the Day), accessory/complementary work, and a cool down.  We pride ourselves in starting and ending class on time, and pack a lot into an hour!  Athletes are encouraged to come early to warm up and stay late to cool down or practice.

How often should I do CrossFit?

We find that 3 days a week is a good starting point for most people- less than that makes it hard to build fluency and competency in movement and more can be overwhelming at the start.  While we program a unique workout each day it is assumed that nobody will complete all of them.  Every days programming includes movements that challenge and engage your whole body, so don’t worry too much if you miss a day.

How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.  Myriad factors, like sleep, nutrition, and stress can exert great influence on how your body will react to CrossFit.  Sometime aesthetic changes are hard to “see” or quantify, and are often psycho-social and related to how we feel.  Your best bet is to pay attention to your performance metrics- what you lift, how fast you go, etc. as those numbers are objective and irreducible.  Focus on those and we bet you will be surprised the next time you look in the mirror!

Is CrossFit for health, athletic performance, weight loss/gain, or aesthetics?

YES.  CrossFit can benefit people with a broad range of goals.  You will perform better, realize body composition changes, look different, and very likely see changes in biometric and health markers.  Fitness, health, and wellness are inseparable pieces of a bigger puzzle, and CrossFit’s benefits bleed into all three.

Do I have to be in shape before I can start CrossFit?

Absolutely not!  We take pride in meeting people wherever they are on their fitness “journey” and helping them get where they want to go.  CrossFit prides itself in creating a program that anyone can access and we will plumb the depths of our training, caring, and creativity to make you feel at home.  We have personally worked with overweight, obese, elderly, blind, deaf, and disabled athletes, as well as athletes with nervous, endocrine, pulmonary, and cardiac issues.

You keep using the word athlete. Is CrossFit for athletes only?

In CrossFit we call each member an athlete as a term of respect for the commitment and effort they bring to the gym each day, and as an indicator of the type of training they are doing.  The movements we perform in CrossFit are the same performed by Olympians, professional and collegiate athletes, and elite military operators.  What is an athlete if not someone who performs athletic movement?  Last, it is a contrast to the movements performed in most “globo” gyms, which have no real world analogue in sport or fitness.

How does CrossFit improve my athletic performance?

CrossFit was built to develop, challenge, and test 10 General Physical Skills; cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility,balance, and accuracy.  Improve those and it’s likely your athletic performance will improve as well.

Will I get bulky doing CrossFit?

We often hear this question from women and men when beginning CrossFit.  While the past few years have seen a big push back against limited, deceptive, and arguably unattainable body image norms, many people still want to get stronger and faster but not “bigger.”  DON’T WORRY.  For women, testosterone is needed to produce large muscles, and women have 1/10th as much naturally occurring systemic testosterone as men.  The large and muscular women you see in bodybuilding magazines work incredibly hard to look that way- supplementing, injecting testosterone, and eating a diet focused on “bulking.”  Even men looking to get noticeably bigger need to commit to eating and training in specific pursuit of that goal.  Our training will make your muscles stronger and denser, which lends to “definition,” and has a thermogenic effect- a more muscular body burns more calories than a less-muscled body, even when resting.  Lastly, women especially need to strength train as it will increase bone density and help mitigate osteoporosis.

I can’t do CrossFit because I have back problems, knee problems, etc.

Most people who have been active (and many who haven’t) have some sort of injury history when they start CrossFit.  Often people are reticent to use previously injured areas, and those areas get weaker, less mobile, and more prone to re-injury.  Further, human bodies develop “compensatory patterns”- ways to circumvent the injured area- that often lead to strain and injury in other areas.  The CrossFit program encourages safe, progressive, natural movement through full range of motion- common to what you’d see at a Physical Therapist’s office.  We make sure to document athlete’s injury history on intake, remove or modify certain movements if they are problematic, and gradually work to create positive change at sites of injury.  Remember, the movements we perform are natural and analogous to life- if you can’t squat down or press something overhead chances (and aren’t working to do so) how well are you really living?

Is CrossFit safe? I heard you can get injured doing CrossFit, is this true?

Like any sport, CrossFit carries some risk of injury that can be mitigated by experienced coaches, a well designed program, and personal accountability and introspection.  Our coaches make sure that people are moving safely and correctly, and will not hesitate to modify, slow, or stop you if you are unable to do so.  Our program starts with a Foundations course designed to teach fundamental and safe movement, then progresses in a gradual and slow manner.  Finally, it is up to each athlete to be honest with themselves and (with our coaches’ guidance) choose movements, loading, and speed that is conducive to their level of experience and ability.  One of our favorite articles on injury come from our friend, elite CrossFitter and doctoral student Julie Foucher- check it out!

The workouts you post are too hard, I could never do that.

Don’t worry, 97% of the gym, including some of the coaches can’t either!  CrossFit workouts are written where the “prescription” (abbreviated as Rx) is the hardest possible version we will allow that day and most athletes will scale, substitute, or modify the workout to meet their needs, fitness level, and experience level.  Our coaches are experts at making sure that a group of people can all get the same effect while doing slightly different variations on a unified theme.

What is the difference between doing the workouts on my own or doing them at CrossFit Lumos?

First, and most important is coaching.  Our coaching staff has years of experience, multiple certifications spanning broad fields of study, and is committed to making each class a unique, challenging, and fun experience.  Good coaches will teach you, keep you safe, push you when you need it, (politely) tell you to back off when appropriate, and are a considerable resource of experience and insight.  It’s their job to stay on the leading edge of fitness, to always keep learning and improving, and to pass that knowledge to our community.  Next is the community- training with a partner or group is  a proven way to increase motivation, commitment, and results, and it’s fun.  We know each other’s names, cheer for each other, and motivate each other to succeed.

CrossFit is expensive! Why do you charge so much?

Expense is relative to experience.  While CrossFit is relatively expensive compared to a “globo gym,” it is a bargain compared to personal training.  At the same time, while a “globo” gives you zero personal attention, instruction, feedback, analysis, or guidance, CrossFit gives you all of those things, every day, at an extremely high quality level.  CrossFit’s level of personal attention is rivaled only by personal training (if they’re good), not to mention the benefits of the CrossFit community.  In sum, if the low cost/low benefit “globo” model works for you, go for it!  If the very high cost/high benefit PT model works for you, go for it!  Chances are you’re reading this because they don’t or they haven’t- CrossFit’s (relatively) low cost/high benefit model can’t be beat.

Can I skip Foundations if I’m really fit or have been training for a long time?

No.  Our Foundations program is mandatory for anyone new (unless you are an experienced CrossFitter from another gym).  We want to make sure that not only can you move safely and efficiently, but that we are also using common language and standards, have taught you some of the philosophy and history of CrossFit, and given you a few sessions to acclimate before jumping into Group Class.  Don’t worry, it’s included in the price of your first month and only takes a week!

I’m an experienced CrossFitter(see the next question)and have just moved to the area or want to switch gyms- how do I get started?

Come on in and try 2 free classes on us!  We will let our coaches know that you are new, and they will keep an eye on your movement and understanding during the class.  If all goes well, after those 2 classes you can sign up for a Group Class membership.  In rare (1% or less) cases, we reserve the right to ask you to complete our Foundations course before joining Group Class.

I’m a CrossFitter visiting Austin, how do I drop in for a Group Class?

Sure!  Drop us a line and sign up in our system so we can get you a digital waiver and a card on file (for the inevitable t-shirt purchase!)  First drop in is always free with shirt purchase.  If you are staying for a while let us know and we will work out a punch card or prorated membership.

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