Step One: Free Intro Class

The best way to learn about what we do at CrossFit Lumos is to try it yourself!  On Saturdays at Noon we run a Free Intro class that includes a warm-up, skill and movement instruction, a challenging but accessible workout, and a cool-down. We also leave time to explain some of the big concepts behind CrossFit and answer questions.

Step Two: Foundations

Our Foundations program is designed to teach you the movements you most commonly see in CrossFit classes, give some background on the history of the program, and challenge you but not overwhelm you.  You will be assigned a coach for three private training sessions at a time that fits your schedule, and the 1-on-1 nature of the classes means they can be tailored to you as an individual.

Step Three: Group Classes

Our Group Classes run one hour and include a warmup, strength and skill practice, and a conditioning workout at the end.  Group Classes are appropriate for all members who have completed Foundations and all movements can be scaled or substituted based on experience and ability.  Expect to have fun, meet new friends, “compete” (in a friendly way), and support your classmates- the group dynamic brings out the best in us and it’s a cornerstone of the CrossFit philosophy.