Madison’s Story

I grew up on a ranch in south Texas near Laredo where I learned invaluable skills like proper cow raising and deer hunting.  I was homeschooled (but I’m normal) and I went to a tiny high school where I was “athletic enough” to do most all sports.  I was not even close to the best but I like the fun, competitive structure of practices and games!

After leaving my tiny town for Austin to go to UT, I was having a rough time figuring out what to do with myself.  Over the summer after my freshman year, my best friend insisted I join her in a CrossFit class one morning; and against all odds of me not waking up, I made it.

I was pumped to be able to implement my regular workout routine when I got back for year 2 at UT, that I think I became pretty obsessive.  In less than 8 months, I became an officer of UT’s CrossFit WOD Club, accepted a job as a front desk receptionist at a CrossFit box, and changed my major to Health Promotion.  Basically, at this rate, I would be going to the CrossFit Games my junior year.  I couldn’t be more happy that that did not happen.

I started exploring coaching and I fell in love.  I got my Level 1 Certificate and I graduated with a degree in Health promotion and specialized in Personal training.  My priorities for my own fitness have changed and become healthier to accommodate a balanced lifestyle.  CrossFit is important to me because it aligns with everything that I strive for: community, personal growth, and physical fitness.  It’s pushed me to go beyond what I’m comfortable with which is why I’m back in school for a second degree in Nursing at Texas A&M (hook ’em forever).

In my free time, I study nursing at any and all coffee shops around Austin and nanny two crazy active girls.  I enjoy all food and drinks of the Mexican influence, wrangling cattle with my large family, teaching my man Jordan to hunt, and exploring Austin/watching Netflix with double-doodle-human-dog Zebadiah.